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For 2019 – Private Wine and Cheese Tour

Our 2019 Wine and Cheese tour of Eretz Yisroel will excite your eyes and taste buds. Starting up north in Teveria, you will visit the Psagot winery for an exclusive tour and taste their wide range of grapes and wines with signature earthy tones. After which you will dine on a hilltop, and partake in a Michelin chef’s delectable dishes from the land’s harvest and meats.
Then we head south to the Yatir winery to taste their famous robust vintages, including the famous Forest bottle. As with all of our tours the food, minyanim, accommodations, and transportation are all accounted for so you don’t need to worry about a thing. Sip, taste, and relax, while we treat you to a once-in-a-lifetime Israel experience.



  • Settle into a private villa
  • Visit Kevarim in Teveryia
  • Dinner at Golan Heights winery with a kumzitz by the famous klezemer band, Simply Tzfat


  • North border – Syrian view
  • Something different – Rosh Hanikra activities
  • Picnic lunch near winery – cheese and charcuterie
  • Ramot ranch – horseback riding at sunset
  • Meron – Davening
  • Dinner – outdoor at the villa with private chef – bon fire hookahs and kumzitz by Pini Einhorn


  • Something up north
  • Psagot winery – Drive ATV’s and ride camels
  • Special lunch
  • Dinner at Psagot Winery
  • Kosel
  • Sleep in Yerushalayim


  • Yatir winery in the negev
  • Masada and hike down/mizpe ramon
  • Dead Sea Spa experience
  • Dinner at Masada with spectacular light show

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